Find your career path. Land your first job.

Bite-size exercises, fun conversations, and expert advice to help you find your ideal career.

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Short exercises to predict your career

Be gone, 200-question-surveys to find out who you are! Say hello to small games and exercises which are used as the basis to match you to your ideal career path. By only spending 5 minutes a day you'll see significant progress!

Kibo - career coaching
Kibo - Career Coach

Expert advice anytime you need it

Kibo has been trained by certified career counselors and will answer any of your career-related questions. Should Kibo's circuits ever be overloaded, a team of trained operators will provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

Kibo the friendly career coach

Career advisor and job finder in one app

Based on your interactions, Kibo will match you to number of career paths fitting your skills, ambitions, and personality. The best part? We partnered with several recruiters allowing you to directly apply for your ideal job.

Kibo the friendly career coach
Kibo career coaching

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Kibo FAQ

Frequently Asked

Kibo - career coach


Can I ask Kibo anything? 

Not yet. Currently Kibo is able to guide you through programs designed to make you think and reflect on certain situations and beliefs yourself. We are working on a program however, which in the long run, will be able to answer any question you might have. 

How is Kibo different to a regular career advisor? 

Kibo is your friend and ALWAYS there for you, 24/7. He will offer you many different exploration opportunities to try things out and will eventually even connect you with exciting internships. Kibo is also psychologically more accessible than career advisors. Career advice will come to you, rather than you having to seek it out. 

What happens to my data? 

All your data gets anonymized and we use it to train Kibo. This enables him to give you better and more personalized answers the more users talk to him. You can request for personal data to be erased at any point according to GDPR regulations. 

How do I get started? 

Currently, we are still testing Kibo and preparing him for the big stage. You can participate in the beta testing by using the sign-up form.

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