First career advice in under 5 minutes

Bite-sized exercises, tailored content, and expert advice to help you find your ideal career.

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Short exercises to predict your career

Say goodbye to 100-question surveys to receive career insights. Our tools which are developed based on Stanford research and with licensed professionals provide you with immediate feedback and insights.

Kibo - career coaching
Kibo - Career Coach

Expert advice anytime you need it

Kibo has been trained by certified career counselors and will answer any of your career-related questions. Should Kibo's circuits ever be overloaded, a team of trained operators will provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

Kibo the friendly career coach

All your career insights in one place

All your career insights and advice can be accessed via the stats screen. Easily identify your areas for growth and track your progress.

Kibo the friendly career coach
Kibo career coaching

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The Kibo Movement, join along for the ride

Career advice just for you

By completing exercises and consuming content, Kibo will learn how to help you progress. We have professionally curated hundreds of bite-sized content pieces in podcast and article form that will be recommended to you.

Kibo - career coaching
Kibo FAQ

Frequently Asked

Kibo - career coach


What is the career advice based on?

Kibo works together with official government departments of labour
from which we obtain historical and current data regarding the job market.
We also work with MindGarden which provide us with research conducted
at Stanford University upon which we base our programs. Additionally we
also work together with licensed career coaches and cousellors.

How is Kibo different to a regular career advisor? 

Well for starters you don't have to book an appointment with Kibo, all you have to do is download the app and get started. Within 5 minutes you will
start receiving your first career insights. Of course, there's also the financial
difference: whilst the average career coach charges $100+ per session, Kibo
is mostly free. To get full access to all features we charge an introductory price of $3,99 per month.

What happens to my data? 

All your data gets anonymized and we use it to train Kibo. This enables Kibo to give you better and more personalized advice. You can request for personal data to be erased at any point according to GDPR regulations. 

How do I get started? 

Simple! Download the app using the links displayed at the top of the page, create an account, and start discovering your career!

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